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Art Book Collection Batch 1

Art Book Collection Batch 1 published on No Comments on Art Book Collection Batch 1


Warner Brothers Animation Art
I found this wonderful gem at my art store that sells used books. Its a huge thick book full of model sheets from not only Looney Tunes but all the cartoons in production until Batman Animated Series (also includes Animaniacs and Tiny Toons). You don’t see too many art of books for Warner Brothers and this beauty seems to have it all. On top of that I only paid $8 bucks. Its a win win!

The Art of Kiki’s Delivery Service
I am a huge fan of Miyazaki. I especially love looking at his watercolor work. Although Kiki isn’t on the top of my favorites by him the designs are beautiful.

Walt Disney’s World of Fantasy
This book is one of those rare finds. I found this at the swap meet I go to near my place at times. The people selling the books have no clue what they have and thus sell it for next to nothing. This book is more of a glance at the animation art focusing on the studio pictures and Disneyland more which at that point was just going into production. This baby is an oldie. I only ended up paying $3 bucks.

The Making of the Rugrats Movie
I just found this yesterday at an old book store. I never even knew they had an art of book for the Rugrats. I used to watch the show when I was younger. It wasn’t my favorite of nickelodeon by far but it was fun to watch. I love the rough look of the sketches and this book is full of them. I paid only $8 bucks.

The Art of Fantasia
This is another one of the books I found at the swap meet. This is filled with tons of concept art and designs. I don’t think I’ve ever spotted this book on amazon or anywhere else so I love that I found it for the rarity it is. This cost me 2 bucks!

Mulan Special Collectors Edition
I found this yesterday at the used book store. The funny thing about this one is they placed it in the children’s book section. Come on people when a book is filled with sketches and designs you know its not a storybook for children. The two art of books I still need is the Mulan one and the Tarzan one which I don’t own yet because both cost an arm and a leg to own. This book is small and not the original art of book but I am happy just the same to own some art of Mulan before I can find the real art of book for a better price. I paid $7 bucks for this treat!

J.C. Leyendecker
This man knows how to use color. That is what I love most about him. He’s got a nice organic style to his paintings as well. If there was one word I’d use to describe this man its definitely fearless. I actually never knew about this guy until about a couple years ago and boy am I happy I did. It seems everyone knew of him. Where was I? Living under a rock!?!

Disney’s Storyboard
I love this new collection Disney is releasing! They are a bit pricey but worth the buy with how much art is stocked up in these beauties.

The Disney Villain
This is a gorgeous book full of all the sketches you could imagine on Disney Villains. Its written by none other than Frank and Ollie. Most the sketches I’ve seen in this book I’ve seen no where else. If there’s one book you should own if your an artist its this one. Its a hard find but you can buy it on Amazon used.

The Art of Atlantis The Lost Empire
I’m not a fan of this movie I have to say. The one thing I did like about it was Milo’s animation. Drop dead brilliant I say! Other than that the designs were cool looking but not mouth dropping. I guess it goes to each his own. This book is still a cool look through.

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