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Artist Tips

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I’ve decided to compile all my artist tips that I tweet on my twitter account. These are tips that I have learned as I go about doing art.

  • Never try to be clean with your drawings. It forces your brain into a state of fear to not make mistakes. Dirty up the page and smudge it to your hearts content! You can always clean it up when you’re done.
  • When using photo pose reference shrink it down to thumbnail size to study. It will train your creativity to grow and make it so you’re not dependent on copying.
  • When sketching try using the side of the lead to draw with. It will push gestures more & exercise the ability to control a drawing.
  • The secret to drawing realistic hair is to treat it exactly like a piece of cloth. That includes draping the hair.
  • Lighting within a painting is one of the most crucial things in a piece…if it lacks a lighting scheme it lacks life.
  • When painting a composition don’t go overboard. Too many textures/patterns can clutter a piece. Keep it simple so it can read.
  • When watching movies pay attention to the colors in the scenes as a whole. This will help with coming up with color keys for your paintings.
  • When drawing long hair think of it like a ribbon wrapping around for construction then start detailing. Don’t create uniform lines. They should be simple and done with a purpose to show the foundation of the hair. Don’t create lines for the sake of lines!
  • Don’t be afraid to scribble on the paper. Loose gestures offer appealing designs.
  • Take some time to think about the overall colors you are using in your paintings. Do they fit…are they appealing…
  • When painting eyes bleed a little color of the iris into the pupil. It will make the eyes appear more soulful.
  • When painting make sure you are keeping an eye on the thumbnail of it. If it pops as a small image it will pop as a whole!

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