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The Making of Thorns

The Process of Creating a Page


How to Create your own Webcomic


Choosing the Right Story
Play to your Strengths
Trouble coming up with an Idea
The Flow
Show don’t Tell


Art Direction
Designing Characters
Using the Tools Offered
Background Characters

Tips and Tricks

Patience is a Process
Practice makes Perfect
Staying Motivated
Play by the Rules
Think like an Animator
Don’t let Fear Consume You
How to Write for Females
The Pros of doing a Webcomic
Digital vs Traditional vs Both

Art Tools

Drawing Tools
Inking Tools


Art How-tos

Artist Tips
How to Draw Long Hair
How to do a Comic with an Animated Look
How to Ink a Comic with Calligraphy
How to Freehand Ink Digitally
How to Draw Fantasy Creatures
How to Draw Dynamic Clothing
How to make your Drawings more Dynamic
How to Develop your own Style
How to Push a Pose Further
How to use Reference

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